A Spiritual Christian's Guide in Learning How To Transform Pain & A Lack of Direction Into 

 Be Proud of Yourself! 
You are on the most significant journey to creating a life you feel more genuine in.
Life is Purposeful and 
are the mission!  

Now That You've Begun Looking For Answers, Your Life Has Already Changed.

"How Can I Create a 
Life I LOVE?"
Perhaps you feel lost, are walking around living your life as if in a blur or at worst, have become depressed within the monotony of simply managing through an unsatisfactory, and unfulfilling existence. 

How do you feel and live on a day to day basis? 

Do you wake up with fire in your heart and fuel in your mind in working towards something you actually believe in?

Or is life dull and mundane? 

If you are anything like I was, you live within the confines of numerous detrimental, unconscious programs and subsequently, hardly ever want to drag your feet out of bed in the mornings to make them carry you through out your long, soul draining days. 

Here's the thing though:

If you don't genuinely feel good about yourself and the way in which you show up in the world, you have a real and a significant problem and you are aware of it, even if it is just easier to ignore it and sweep your questions and restlessness under the rug sometimes. 

Your destiny; however, is more vast than you think, for you being drawn to a natural space of curiosity is evidence that the higher self within you is seeking the evolution of your consciousness.

Your life fortune is of dire urgency, as it truly does mean a life of complacency followed by death OR 
a life of true beauty and fulfillment with your legacy succeeding you.

Life is too beautiful to waste it!
 It was NOT gifted to you for you to live in a shadow, work tirelessly  to make money, feeling smothered out & potential-less.

It's not necessary for you to go about waking up on a daily just to deal with life, go to bed and then repeat day after day.

You don't have to live that way and why would you?.. Isn't life the most precious gift we will ever receive?

DO believe that THIS IS TRUE

Life is worth SO much more than living wiped out daily. If that is the stage you've been standing on, what more value could you possibly have to lose more so than the time that has already passed?

You have the capacity to do more, be more AND feel proud of your life and output.

The great fact is that you can change your entire reality by expanding your perception of your existence. 

"A Mind Stretched By A New Experience Can Never Go Back To Its Former Dimensions."

If you can learn how to alter your self inhibiting beliefs, your ENTIRE life can change and in ways that call to you within your unique purpose, created specifically to you.

We are all born knowing certain things, it's in our soul DNA. You cannot solve your sense of unrest with an external force outside of yourself.

The solution to the questions about yourself will never be external. It is only found within you and once you begin working towards clarity, power and insight will recede over your biology, inner soul, well being, sense of who you are and on your whole life map.

 Choice is a fundamental power of human experience and the power of choice has infinite consequences. 

Make the choice now to stop trying to suffocate the burning question behind your own meaningful existence with distractions. It is the ultimate sacrifice of a beautiful life to replace the desire for purpose with temporary pleasures that will never silence the real you- the one that brings forth to your attention, the pull towards 'something greater.'

If you have made your way here (and I truly believe that everything happens for a reason), then you undoubtedly are curious to uncover for yourself, what it is that you were designed for and sent here to do.

Going on a journey of yourself is the ultimate solution in building your confidence, aligning in the strengths you possess and most importantly, setting path towards creating a life you are EXCITED to live.
This means no more unease, restlessness or fear....Instead, you will have true clarity and power in
gaining the best expression of who you are! When you do that, you become unstoppable!

YOU HAVE TOO MUCH TO OFFER TO THE WORLD and the people that need to hear your message have been deprived of it for too long thus far. 

So- Please begin on this journey with me and allow me to show you hOW extraordinary yOU rEALLY aRE!

Whether you have been on a self discovery path for some time now, have just happen to stumble along here or are just now in search for these kinds of answers, the important thing is that:

IT HAPPENED FOR A PURPOSE & You are now more in tune with aligning in your spiritual awakening and finally can begin living your life in a way much more meaningful to you.

When you can discover yourself in depth, come to know all your strengths and learn in what capacity to strive in them, you will effectively be able to:

  • Have extraordinary and limitless newfound confidence
  • Be able to love, accept and be yourself fully
  • Use yourself to your full advantage
  • Live a Purposeful Life That You Love Full Heartedly

Again, DO be proud that you are even at this point in your life at all...

A large majority of people that have lived and died before us never even made it this far before they left.

Life is full of purpose; the only difference is some don’t ever obtain theirs, whilst the rest of us live in the world devoid of their possibilities and essentially their beauty. When that happens, we all suffer.

DON'T let that happen to you!

You ARE a beautiful person in your own right, designed uniquely and intentionally as you were born. 

It is your personal and spiritual responsibility and duty to live within the highest, most elevated version of yourself, to be able to not only enjoy your own life but to also be able to give back to the world in the exact, unique way in which you were created to express.

This Is Your Mission.

Go on a journey of yourself!
What ELSE in life is there if you don't first even know how valuable you are?
  • Your time spent here is NOT for no reason at all. 
  • Are you able to pinpoint exactly who you are and why you're here?...
  • Do yourself, your loved ones and even complete strangers the justice of discovering the light of yourself in its fullest form while you still can.
  • Every day is a gift and another opportunity to change your life and the lives of others.
  • Don't waste it....Life is fragile, unpredictable and in the scheme of creation, very short.
  • ​If you're here, you do desire more.

  • If you can bring yourself closer to your own truth, you can be the inspiration to others to begin in search of their own. 
  • Can you get a sense of just how much more imaginative and beautiful life could be for all of us if that were the case?

Be Courageous and Allow Yourself To Be The Beginning of That Change.
A Mind and Subsequent Life Take Over Begins at






& Exploration!

About Me
My name is Kimberly Kizer.
I would like to start by thanking You SINCERELY for visiting here today.

What I am offering to you on this page is entirely free and from my heart to yours in the purest of intentions. I have found my light and I only yearn to help you find yours.

My life before experiencing my awakening was largely baseless. I had nothing to truly offer to myself or to anyone, and I stood idly by as my days ever passed and my time ticked on and on. I was depressed, feeling trapped and ever so increasingly frustrated with the repetitive days.

I was a driven-less mess, my standards low and I always lived beneath the threshold. I didn't try too hard and just really more or less, "got by." I was insecure as anyone could be, unmotivated and sincerely just always feeling like a lost soul.

I lived complacently and with a "it is what it is" mentality, never allowing myself to take on the larger sense of self I had stown away far in the back of my conscience.

But yet, I simply could not continue to deny how I always had an entity living within however, with the notable essence of being much larger than myself. I had been stuffing away the feeling that I was meant for more for far too long. I always had been cognizant of its presence and always only nearly marveled at it occasionally, rather than realizing that it was in fact something of which I could have been using as guidance.
(And if you are here now, I know that this most certainly is the case for you as well- The feeling that there's something greater for you.)

I allowed myself to be a tumbleweed in the wind because I lacked direction, vision and most impactfully, any real self confidence at all. My internal dialogue at the time was:

"Who am I to make a difference in the world" and "what do *I have to offer anyone?"

I didn't always use to be, but after hard experiences disheveled through my life like an intense earthquake, I had sure enough began to self absorb in to my insecurities, lose myself in darkness and begin to care tremendously what anyone and everyone thought about me… Slowly eroding away and being swept further and further out, my life had snuffed out its own flame and began suppressing itself in to a deep hole, until I had lost complete sense of who I used to ever be and once upon a time love.

You see, that's what happens as we get older walking further out from our youth.

We are each born pure and with no weight of doubt within ourselves... We feel no burden, sense of shame or guilt...We are sure of ourselves, happy and know no different than being completely, one hundred percent nothing other than our unique selves.

And undoubtedly, if we could remain pure in this way and complete a life unburdened of learned self sabotage caused from negative life experiences, our time here would be much easier...But then also, There Would Be No Journey For Us To Undertake Either!

I created Herculean Life as a representation of the unique journey further in to one's self and in to our own knowing. 

Herculean Life's mission is to guide you in to self clarity by eliminating fears, instilling confidence and allowing for real self purpose to resonate.

What this all means to me is much more than motivation. I started this project to help others just like you and just like me, feel less uncomfortable in their own skin, learn to care less about what others think, to inspire, encourage, and guide those on a mission in to believing further in to themselves and in to their beautiful and unique purpose.

I started because I yearn to nurture my brothers and sisters in to spiritual growth, achieving ever sustainable confidence and so that I may help you to remove your self limiting beliefs and effectively go forth in to living the life you either know you want to or come to learn you need. 

I want to do this for you because life is invaluably precious, and if you don't learn how and why you are worthy and valuable enough to make come true all that's in YOUR heart, you WILL be molded to work for the dreams in the hearts of others.

I feel a great sense of responsibility to share in all of the knowledge I have acquired about living in and on purpose through my own experience. My full hearted belief is that those who come in to true enlightenment in knowing themselves and their 'why' will in turn enrich the lives of many and will effectively be widely successful in empowering the world.

I MUST say, that I am the last person in a million lifetimes who would have before, ever imagined putting myself out here in this way. As I said, I've carried incredibly debilitating self doubt, anxiety and insecurity most of my life... BUT my life is NOT about me and my problems and flaws. I intend to make my existence here worthy and I aim to show up in the world regardless and give back as I can to prove what life could be like if we walked ahead anyway, even in the face of fear. 

As a follower of Christ, my intention with my life while helping others is to be so un abashedly unafraid to be my true and genuine self that I may inspire others to remove their masks as well and efficiently live beautifully and unafraid.

Life really is short and fragile and it's much more significant and meaningful than to waste it enveloping yourself with unnecessary mental sabotage.

I know I am not the only one who struggles here, so I would love to bring you up with me as I go.  I would be honored to be a part of and be inspired by your transformation into a happier self and to witness premium potential living across all spectrums of your mind, body and soul.
Your Life is Your Message To The World.
We are all each born complete and the very best outcome for you would be to come in to your full knowing thus allowing you to take up the full space the universe intended for you. 

It's imperative that you learn to know, accept, love and be even more of yourself if you wish to live fully.

If you can allow yourself the privilege of self love and respect in the form of altering the way in which you view life, you not only change your own, you effectively have the opportunity to change generations to come. This is beautiful because there is no greater calling than to help another know more.

YOU can transform from being anxious and unfullfilled to being the creator of a life YOU LOVE!

Before I go on any further, I have an inkling as to what you could be thinking and I must tell you the simple truth...It is this:

I do not in any way claim that I can be a hero for you. I can't do this FOR you, although I would love to if were possible.

True spiritual awakening and development is a SOLO journey. You will have to go through self defining and actualization independently if you desire to come in to your full self...No one can help you unless you are willing to help yourself first.

My ultimate dream would be being able to effortlessly shine light on your true beauty, worth and potential and to have you soak it in immediately as the absolute truth that it IS.

But this is not possible...Instead, You have to Allow It For Yourself.

It is so beyond worth making such an amazing shift. Trust me. Literally everything cascades up in magnificent ways when you decide that you're worth it. 

The great news is that, None of us are limited to the constraints of limited knowledge and although I cannot make you think the way that I do - to make you happy in the ways that I've become, what I can do for you is be a doorway to the upheaval of the repression of your soul's calling and in place of the alternative, teach you to listen to it, trust it and build upon it, as it already knows who you are.

I can, and would be honored to guide you in to asking yourself all the right questions in order to lead you in to your own higher state of being.

-I can allow you the same valuable and worthy ideas to ponder on and all the answers that I uncovered for myself that led me to live more on purpose, alive and happy!

I can reflect on to you, all the goodness that came from asking those kinds of insightful questions at all.

And I ASSURE you, that my now self identity compared to my old identity is lightyears ahead in depth, spirituality, joy and fulfillment...(So much so, that I have turned my own growth project in to my life's work in encouraging others to find and do the same!)

If you too can expand your mind in the direction it already knows it needs to go, everything for you can be wholly different and beautiful as well. I desire all this for you too! You deserve to know your truth.

And Here's The Last Truth:
This learning journey experience is broken down in to multiple, manageable areas and fields. All that is entailed inside has been deeply thought out, planned and organized in a purposeful and well rounded way, all within the very same elements and teachings I underwent and used as to allow for my own newfound beauty within my own life.

BUT, as you are aware: Self Development and growth is a continuous and lifetime accord and venture. To make the utmost of this journey, you will always need to continue striving for your very best day in and out.

Life is a rollercoaster of hills and valleys, but I can assure you that if what you learn here is internalized as truth, your self satisfaction and life experience will be unbounded and can be free to become grand and limitless.

you are here because you are ready to make a change. now is that time to positively allow your wildest dream self to come into fruition.

So, What does a Herculean Life look like to you?!

…WHATEVER that answer is, that is then your responsibility .

To Achieve this, a Herculean Life Completely Encompasses:


Health, Development & Exploration.

Imagine being able to define exactly who you are and why you showed up...

If you were that person, how would you live then?!
Self Study 
Self Worth & Purpose Coaching! 
(A Total Life RESET)

  • Where Are You Now?: Finding & Defining Your Limiting Beliefs
  • ​Preparing Your Mind for Real Change: Learning About Primitive Year Programming & How our Subconscious Mind Shapes Us
  • Broadening Your Self Perspective: Mastering Metacognition - Discovery in How to Get Past Limited Emotions & Negative Thinking
  • Confidence Building: Replacing Insecurities, Anxiety & Doubt with Confidence & True Self Integrity
  • ​Removing Purposeless Distractions: How to Remove  'Distraction Addiction' & Allowing in Space for Creativity
  • Maintaining A New Mindset: Learning What it Takes to Maintain Being a Person of Power & Relentless Growth
  • Acquiring The Mindset To WANT To Be Active: Discovery into What our Food Habits Are and Why We Eat The Way We Do
  • Defining, Understanding & Removing Negative Beliefs About Health: Changing out our Relationship to Food for The Better
  • You Are What You Eat: Diet & Nutrition: How the Foods You Consume Affect You on Every Level. Includes a KETO Cookbook with 60+ Keto Recipes
  • Fitness: Getting Your Body Moving: Includes a 4 Week, All Fitness Level, Express Fit Workout Program Designed For Busy Lives
  • ​Eliminating Bad Habits, Routines & A Detrimental Lifestyle: Learning How to Avoid Self Sabotage. 
  • Who Am I?: Learning in to the Psychology of Yourself and What Makes you YOU Aside From Your Work and Relationships
  • What You Believe: Inquiries in to What Drives You and The Way in Which You Reflect Yourself in the World
  • Defining My Purpose: Deep, Soul Searching Inquisitions In to What You Were Naturally Designed To Do:
  • ​Identification of your Primary Core Values, Natural Interests and Passions  
  • ​Discovery of your Natural Gifts & Talents
  • ​Discovery of your Natural Personality Type & Traits
  • ​Discovery of your Natural Dominant Strengths
  • ​Discovery of Who You Are In Your Creator: Listening to Your "Knowing"
  • ​Learning What It Takes To Allow Yourself To Be EXACTLY Who You Were Created To Be Without Masks + Discarding Judgement
  • Maintaining Progress In To Further Defining Your Purpose: Actionable Steps That Propel You To Make Progress For Your Lifetime
Inlcuded BONUSES!

Bonus #1

Getting out of a Bad Mood
Powerful Insight in to How Stress Affects You & How To Avoid It Overcoming You

Bonus #2

Losing The Approval Addiction
Getting Over the Fear of What Everyone Thinks

Bonus #3

Goal Setting
How to: Define, Commit To & Excel Towards Your Greatest Ambitions

Bonus #4

Time Management
Making 'Time' Work For You

Bonus #5

Growth / Development / Spirituality
Building Upon You & Your Mental & Spiritual Knowledge Base

Bonus #6

Meditations, Affirmations, Manifestations & The Law of Attraction
Discovering The Power of Holistic Approaches

Bonus #7

Turning Your Values, Strengths & Interests In To Meaningful Life Work
Learning How You May Serve the World With What You Can Best Offer
You have already woken up to the calling awareness of the presence of a higher spirituality within you. 

It's for your purpose...You have reached a new threshold. 
It is a gift and blessing not to be taken lightly, nor for granted.

Even if many question themselves in this way, the vast majority do not take a stand towards trekking forward in search of their full truth and alignment, but your true consciousness will always remind you of yourself, so you deciding to dig further will allow you not to be one in the same and instead will lead you in to the divine realization that your life is so much more than it seems.

You can live proudly, full spiritedly and alive...Your intention is what expels your success and your level of it all depends upon your level of personal development; that is- Your success is the result of who you become.
The journey wont always be easy, but your outlook and perspective of your life will become more powerful and beautiful as you progress if you advance with a full heart in determination. 

Life will feel larger because it will BE larger.
Connect the dots in your life beginning today. This package is 
Free for a Limited Time.
There is no risk. This entire course is for you at zero cost.
Even if you're only slightly interested and have a small spark here, you still have the notion that there is something greater out there for you. And the sincere truth is that there IS.

YOU have unlimited potential but your capacity to access it is dependent upon the strength of your own self belief and faith. 

I strongly invite you to GO FOR IT BY BEGINNING NOW! Remember, that one Good decision can change the trajectory of your life indefinitely!

It's never too late for you. Choose the life you wish to live. If you're unsatisfied, only you have the power to change. 

If you can come in to your purpose, you will become aware of the way in which you were uniquely designed to express your contribution to the world.

What could be more fulfilling than that?!

Journey with me...I would love to take you by the hand to show you how to step out of your limitations and in to the full capacity of who you actually are.

See you on the other side!

-Kimberly Kizer
The Happiest, Most Fulfilled and Successful People Alive:

#1.) Know Who They Are & Recognize Their Unique Talents & Gifts

#2.) Are Certain In Their Values & Beliefs 

#3.) Know What They Are Passionate About

And when your self, life and work view can be combined in a coherent way, life feels Meaningful!

Let me show you...

Don't sit at the bottom of your life any longer. 
Open the door to a new reality and uncover your real, untapped potential.
If you jump on board now, you will immediately feel secure in not having to figure everything out completely by yourself anymore... Take a breath of relief instead and know that you've inherently taken a step that will change your life.

A Herculean Life presentation
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